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INSTRUCTION MANUAL MODEL ET-72 REDI CHEK® REMOTE. Introduction. Congratulations on your purchase of the Redi Chek® Remote, a programmable radio frequency food thermometer. You will now be able to remotely monitor the time and temperature of food cooking in the oven or outdoors from anywhere in your
Press and hold HI or LO button until 225 is displayed as LO SET. 9. Press set. If the receiver and / or the transmitter display LLL or HHH instead of the probe temperature, wait for probe to reach room temperature.
MODEL ET-72 REDICHEK REMOTE SINGLE PROBE WITH TASTE SETTINGS. Features. Receiver: • Measures 4 3/8” x 2 3/8” x 1” • Weight 3.7 oz. • Includes 2 AA batteries • Meats (choose from six: beef, turkey, pork, veal, lamb, or chicken) • Taste or “doneness” (rare, medium, medium well, well done) as appropriate for
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To regain transmission signal, move the receiver close to the transmitter, turn OFF the Receiver and then turn back ON. Press and hold the RESYNC button of the transmitter 2 seconds within 120 seconds and the temperatures should appear on the receiver display.
Congrotulotions on your purchdse of the ET-732 RED CHEK BARBECUEThermometer, q programmable rodio frequency food BATTERY COMPARTMENT – Holds 2 AAA bofferies. STAND (Removable Clip) This needs to be done within 120 seconds of furning on the receiver in order for the receiver to receive the
Congraduations on your purchase of Redi Check® Smoker, a programmable radio frequency food thermom- eter. You will LO/MIN – In thermometer mode, press to increase the minimum SMOKER temperature value. Open the battery comartment of the transmitter by turning the slottered screw clockwise from the locked.
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