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Right now i have 1084 hp/956 mana, i hunt with Rupture attack+Renew and i wonder if there is a better skills combo than this one with the mana i have ^^' (I'm hunting Rottumy in general), these are easy to kill and fast exp so i don't loose much hp. I was thinking Magic Armour at first but i don't need the
Are you looking for Highscores or general information about TibiaME? TibiaME4All is the right place for you! You can now select between attack and defence skills if you are a warrior or between attack and heal skills if you are playing a wizard. Next a list of all available skills will be Warriors' Attack Skills. First Strike
Defense: 7. What should I do now? 2 attack, 1 mana? If I receive some equipment that requires more defense, I should use it even don't having the required defense points? I also spent 1 Skill point in "First Strike". Is there any skills build in this forum to help me? Where should I spent my points? Thank you!
Entradas sobre Skills escritas por tibiamew23. TibiaME en espanol. un blog creado para recopilar todo el material relacionado con TibiaME. Hey there! Thanks for dropping by TibiaME en espanol! Take a look around and grab the RSS feed to stay updated. See you around! Armaduras Skills de ataque para wizard.
Recommended Level: 38 - 44 (Both Wizard and Warrior) Monsters: Bloodfly Recommended Backpack Items: 3 Small HP, 4 Minor MP(warriors HP in place), Refresh, Any Fire Spell for Wizard EP / Hour (Stamina): Manaleech / All In Recommended Defense Skills: Meditation / Renew / Warden Armour
Attacking Spell. Swiftness (No requirement) 3 uses 24 sec cooldown. Perform guaranteed hit. Blessed Weapon (Require Swiftness) 5 uses 30 sec cooldown. Dealing small amount of extra damage. Striking Spell (Require Swiftness) 5 uses 10 sec cooldown. Higher chance to spell successfully. Blessed Spell (Require
TibiaME Fansite. Skills. Skill System. Wizard. -, Swiftness, 2. -, Striking Spell, 7, Swiftness. -, Blessed Weapon, 7, Swiftness. -, Blessed Spell, 12, Striking Spell. -, Half Protect, 12, Striking Spell. -, Martial Attack, 12, Blessed Weapon. -, Gaping Attack, 12, Blessed Weapon. -, Martial Spell, 22, Blessed Spell Half Protect. -
21 Mei 2011 (1)Firststrike: Serangan pertama akan sangat kuat; (2)Striking spell: Spell kita tidak akan pernah miss/meleset pada kurun waktu tertentu - untuk membuka gembok Skill ini,pastiken Skill firststrike sudah terisi 5 point; (3)Blessed weapon: menambah daya damage serangan weapon kita - untuk membuka
I made this little guide specially for wizard, and i hope it help those whoever just started the game as wizard. I apologize if there's some error or downgrade in my Attribute Build, Skill guide, or hunting ground. Visit :
Peta Skills Warrior dan Wizard. Arti Skills Attact dan Skill Defance Warrior dan Wizard. Arti Skill Attact dalam Tibiame : Firstsrike: untuk menguatkan Damage serangan pertama kita; Skirmirsh attack: untuk menyerang dua musuh pada saat bersamaan dalam kurun waktu tertentu – Skill ini akan kebuka gemboknya apabila