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I have a 60p and I'm experimenting using only ADA ferts for this tank. I am currently using 3 squirts of Brighty K and 1 squirt of Step 2 daily per instructions from Aquaforest Aquarium. However my plants aren't doing the best, my hydrocotyle 'japan', regular baby tears, and dwarf hairgrass 'belem' have been
24 Oct 2009
Instructions - use of fertilizers ADA Dosage: Brighty K: 1ml the 20l water; daily. Green Bacter: 1kropla the 10l water; daily. Green Gain: 1 drop on 10l water; after a water change or 2-3 10l drops of water; after trimming plants. At this time are recommended 30% water, which 3-4 day (it is recommended to use a mixture of water
BRIGHTY K also has an effect of enhancing the buffering capacity of water and prevents a decline in pH of aquarium water. Manual Download (in PDF format) By supplying potassium to planted aquarium, GREEN BRIGHTY NEUTRAL K promotes plants photosynthesis and healthy growth without increasing pH and
ADA Green Brighty K - 250ml,Price: RM64.00,End time 9/15/2017 6:31 PM MYT,Category: Aquarium & Fish / Pet Supplies.
22 Feb 2007 hi all, i'm new here (lurking for a while) i just bought some ADA ferts and have a question about brighty K dosage. it says 1ml/20L >>>about.
6 Aug 2011 The Green Brighty 3 Step series is for aquariums with a variety of plants, Green Brighty Special Lights is for aquariums with light-loving plants, and Green Brighty Special Shade is for aquariums with low-light demands like Cryptocoryne. Brighty K is an additional supplement that can be used along side the
8 Feb 2006 Dear Nicky, The instruction can be found under the ADA Aquarium maintenance. As quote, Step 1 is used from the third week to the fourth month of tank setup. Dosage as per 3 times weekly (1ml per 20L). For the first three weeks of a new tank, only use Brighty K and Green Bacter to stablise the new tank.
read instructions carefully before using this product. This product encourages the development of microorganisms and helps to start up a filtration system. It is added Brighty K and. Green Brighty STEP 1. Promotes the development of a new shoots after trimming. Green Gain. Effective for maintaining the color of leaves.
Brighty K Manual (PDF) · GREEN BRIGHTY NEUTRAL K Manual (PDF) · GREEN BRIGHTY NITROGEN Manual (PDF) · GREEN BRIGHTY MINERAL Manual (PDF) · GREEN BRIGHTY IRON Manual (PDF) · Green Brighty STEP 1 Manual (PDF) · Green Brighty STEP 2 Manual (PDF) · Green Brighty STEP 3 Manual (PDF).